Empress Book 1


Imagine you’re married to the worst bad guy from your favorite sci-fi movie. An alien dictator feared throughout the universe, who will kill you if you leave – but you need to escape for the sake of your three children. That’s the life of Queen Emporia. All she has is her wits, her bodyguard and three guns to get her kids across the galaxy – and her husband Morax’s forces are in hot pursuit. Easy, right? Their desperate race for their lives will take them through interplanetary war zones, across dead worlds and into the path of monstrous beasts! Danger piles upon danger when slavers circle and a tribal priestess thirsts for a blood sacrifice! All the while, Morax executes anyone and everyone in his way.

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Collecting Empress #1-7

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Dimensions 168 x 10 x 258 mm
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Mark Millar, Stuart Immonen




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