Fairy Tail Master’s Edition 4


After Laxus’s attempts to disrupt Fairy Tail from within, the guild is at peace again, but the calm doesn’t last. A new threat arises when the dark guild Oracion Seis moves out of the shadows in search of a power called Nirvana. The wizards of this powerful guild may be the strongest foes Fairy Tail has ever faced, and they can’t fight alone. Natsu, Lucy, Ezra, and Gray must join with delegates of other guilds, a group that includes new friends and old rivals. The strangest member of the new alliance is a soft-spoken girl named Wendy – a Sky Dragon Slayer! The secrets of her past and powers may be a game changer for both sides of the fight.

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Collecting Fairy Tail volumes 16-20

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Hiro Mashima




Fairy Tail


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