Incredible Hulk by Jason Aaron: The Complete Collection


When Jason Aaron takes on the Hulk, the results are incredible! Bruce Banner and his monstrous alter ego are together no more! They have become separate beings – and the Hulk is assigned to take Banner down! But the brilliant scientist sure won’t give up without a fight. As the Hulk makes an alliance that changes his destiny forever, Banner unleashes his army of gamma-fueled monsters! It’s the fight everyone’s been waiting for: Hulk vs. Banner! But when the dust settles, why must the Hulk stay angry? Whatever the reason, he’s picking fights against drug cartels, sea monsters, Russian super-soldiers and a lost city of Sasquatches – oh, and the Punisher, Kraven the Hunter, Wolverine and the Thing! Are Hulk and Banner destined for a date with Doom?

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Collecting Incredible Hulk (2011) #1-15 and #7.1, and material from Fear Itself #7

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Jason Aaron






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