Battle Angel Alita: Last Order Vol. 16


Alita pounds away at Toji, who can do nothing but maintain his defensive Sanchin. Just when it appears that Toji is doomed, the viewers of ZOTT are treated to n unimaginable surprise. Meanwhile, despite fierce attacks from Sechs, Zekka's self-assured arrogance remains unshaken. However, Sechs is privy to a secret that could very well wipe the smug smile off Zekka's face. And as Rakan continues to dodge bullets, Zazie is faced with the prospect of running out of ammo.

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Chapters 94-99 continue the ZOTT finals with the bravado of Sechs vs. Zekka, the mind-boggling Alita vs. Toji and the creepy Zasie vs. Rakan!

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