Captain Marvel: Carol Danvers: The Ms. Marvel Years Vol. 3

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When a mass suicide by a branch of the Church of Hala claims the lives of twenty families, Carol Danvers investigates the tragedy performed in the name of Mar-Vell – putting her directly in the path of his would-be Captain Marvel replacement, Noh-Varr! Speaking of replacements, Norman Osborn’s Dark Reign calls for a new Ms. Marvel: the villainous Moonstone, Karla Sofen! As Karla forcefully takes the mantle, she has to deal with Deadpool – and the New Avengers coming at her full force! But as a War of the Marvels begins, can Carol reclaim her good name… and her life?! Plus, the Storyteller returns! Carol goes on a date with Spider-Man? And a series-ending showdown against one of her oldest and most vicious foes – Mystique!

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Collecting Ms. Marvel (2006) #35-50, Ms. Marvel Special: Storyteller, Siege: Spider-Man

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Weight 769 g
Dimensions 168 x 17 x 258 mm
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Brian Reed, Sana Takeda




Captain Marvel


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