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Fear Agent: Final Edition Vol. 4


Got a race of bottom-line-worshipping alien bureaucrats draining an entire sun of its power to feed their lust for profits, damning a whole solar system to death? You might be in need of a Fear Agent, extreme alien exterminators, like Heath Huston, to set the record straight. Sure he’s usually half in a bottle of whiskey, can’t shoot all that straight anymore, and cusses enough to make little green men blush, but in a universe this messed up, he’s just the man for the job.

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A compilation of tales from the Fear Agent universe, starring work from creators such as Chris Burnham, Rafael Albuquerque, Kieron Dwyer, Francesco Francavilla, Ivan Brandon, Eric Nguyen, and many more!

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Dimensions 168 x 14 x 258 mm
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Rick Remender




Fear Agent


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