New Gods by Jack Kirby


In 1971, following his move from Marvel Comics to DC, writer/artist Jack Kirby unleashed the Fourth World comics – four interconnected series. The centrepiece of these titles was New Gods, which introduced the warring worlds of Apokolips, ruled by the dread Darkseid, and New Genesis, led by the philosophical Highfather. A sprawling cast of characters was led by Orion, son of Darkseid, raised on New Genesis as a savage warrior on a world of peace. And while Darkseid scoured the Earth in search of the deadly Anti-Life Equation, Orion battled his minions Kalibak, Canto and others, with the help of his New Genesis allies Lightray, Metron and others.

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Collecting New Gods #1-11, and Even Gods Must Die

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Jack Kirby




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