X-Men: Marauders

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Mike Carey reinvigorates the X-Men! A shaken Sabretooth arrives at the X-Men’s doorstep – asking for asylum! But what could possibly strike terror into the heart of Victor Creed? The Children of the Vault have risen… and they spell doom for the X-Men! Rogue must assemble a dangerous new squad -including Mystique, Cable, Lady Mastermind and Sabretooth – but when a terrifying alien threat emerges, can Rogue hold on to her sanity? Meanwhile, the deadliest foes in the X-Men’s history, the Marauders, return – and Gambit is front and centre among their ranks! Why are the Marauders eliminating specific mutants? And what prize do they plan to rip from the X-Men’s hands? It’s an exciting new direction for the X-Men, that sets up the status quo for the Messiah Complex event!

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Collecting X-Men (1991) #188-204 and Annual #1

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Chris Bachalo, Mike Carey






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