X-Men: Reload By Chris Claremont Vol. 1: The End Of History


Chris Claremont and Alan Davis make their long-awaited return to the Uncanny X-Men! The team is reborn with a proactive new mission, new alliances are formed and old friendships are rekindled – but the X-Men’s world remains as deadly as ever! Can the team survive the unbridled force of the Fury? And as the X-Men investigate mysterious murders committed with Adamantium blades, X-23 claws her way into the mainstream Marvel Universe! The action never stops as Arcade attacks, the Hellfire Club is reborn deadlier and more dangerous than ever, and the Savage Land is targeted by a hidden race that seeks to wipe out mankind! Plus, uncanny antics as Momo and the X-Babies return, and a truly special X-Mas tale! It’s mutant madness in signature style, as only Claremont can deliver it!

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Collecting Uncanny X-Men (1981) #444-461, X-Men (1991) #165

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Alan Davis, Chris Claremont






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